Welcome Wanderers!

We decided to finally create a blog for our Wanderers! We welcome you to this site where we can cover everything that encompasses the brand, and it’s a lot.

We’ve have a long road so far. Our beginnings in Taos, New Mexico, shaped our beautiful story as a brand for women who love the open road, the questionable path ahead, the beauty in spontaneity, and the feeling of freedom when you hold your hand outside the car window. The high desert provided a home for us in a 100 year old adobe building with neon sunsets in the sky and pungent sage on the ground beneath us. It inspired the clothing we picked for the shop, the natural body care products with scents of piñon and pine, and the colors we painted on the walls (pink for the sunset, green for the sage).

Our transformation to Fort Worth was a big decision. We loved where we were, where we started, and we truly wanted to stay. However, our instincts brought us to this growing city so our brand could grow too. It is in Fort Worth that we found a home on Magnolia Avenue in the Near Southside. We truly felt this was the best fit for our store, because we are supporters of other small businesses, makers, and innovators. This neighborhood called to us, so much that we call this place home to our shop AND our family.

We can’t wait to grow with Magnolia. There are a lot of things we hope to bring to this community. We hope to bring women together through our Ambassador program that need a network of others that work hard, play hard, and WANDER. We are always brewing ideas for events, workshops, and pop ups. And we are always wandering our streets for inspiration. Thank you, Fort Worth, for bringing us in and letting us call you home.

Ashley Arabian