what we’re wearing

One of our favorite things to do is dress up and go shoot. When we bring beautiful styles into the shop, we want to put them on our friends and snap some shots of them in all parts of the community. Here is our photo journal of all things Wanderer.


December Dress Up

Jessica Castillo is a Fort Worth hair stylist that always rocks whatever she is wearing, whether it’s a baseball tee or her perfectly faded pink glasses. We love to see what she puts together day to day and how she works her Wanderer pieces. Here she is modeling the latest items from Wanderer, shot by Hope Gray.


The Railyard

Dimaggio Escobedo is a burgeoning DFW photographer that adds a touch of darkness and mood to his art. His creativity and directing has no limits. He will take his subjects to the roller skating rink, a color-pop-electric popsicle stand, or a scene of abandonment in nature or structure to show us what he’s capable of.

Dimaggio took me to T&P Station for a shoot that showcased the gorgeous apparel on a backdrop of history and art deco architecture.


new mexico true

Our days in Taos brought some of the most beautiful, memorable photoshoots we’ve ever produced. The scenery alone allowed us to simply walk outside our door to find the best backdrop for each one. The mesa, our historic adobe street, Hotel Luna Mystica, the ski valley…we never ran out of inspiration. Here is a sampling from a few shoots to show you where our magic was born.


Tina Torres is a badass Fort Worth photographer who showcases curves, scars, and any and all kinds of body types to encourage body positivity for women. Give her a follow at @tinatorres