About Ashley & Wanderer

Ashley started Wanderer in Taos, NM in 2016 where she pulled inspiration from the high desert mountains and placed it into an old adobe building in the heart of town.

Within a year, Wanderer opened its second location in Albuquerque and in 2018, the entire brand relocated to Fort Worth, TX so it could reach its full potential. It is here in Texas that Wanderer is thriving in one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city, creating a strong following, and selling the best brands and top trends in fashion. 

Ashley blends a mix of everything in the shop so everyone can find something they love. Prices range from $15 to $250, and the product showcases a mix of trendy to sustainable, handmade to manufactured. There is always an influence of the high desert within, and you truly need to step inside to feel it all. Come visit us on Magnolia Avenue!